We are the best networking training institute in Chennai with placement. Trainers working in our institute are well experienced IT PROFESSIONALS with 5+ years of experience. Excellent lab facility is available for students and classes is fully based on practical rather than theoretical which makes the students to understand the concept of networking easily. The students can easily entered intoan IT field after you get trained at peridot. At the end of this training course, certificates will be provided. Personality development class will be conducted for student by our trainers.


Group of two or more computer devices which are combined together is known as network. Different types of network available in networking (i.e) local area network, campus area network, wide area network, home area network, Metropolitan area network and home area network. The main purpose of networking is to share information among all devices.


It is Cisco Certified Network Administrator routing and switchingcertificate. This certification is needed for network engineers to get job in networking field. In this certification course, we cover the full syllabus on networking. CCNA Training in Chennai helps us to get knowledge on basic networking concept, network application and features of seven layers of OSI reference model. Trainers in our institute cover the networking concept from basics to advance application.


This certification course is developed for the engineers to get job in networking field. CCNP Training in Chennai helps student to develop the skills needed to shine in networking related degree. After getting trained, the person can able to plan, implement and troubleshoot the assembled networks. Routing, troubleshooting and switching are the three courses trained by our staffs during CCNP training.


L2 protocol is OPEN SYSTEM INTERCONNECTION network which organizes the bit steam and transmission errors are detected. Interference and noise is the best example.L3 protocolis an Open Systems Interconnection Network Layer. This provides ways for carrying data between systems and networks. The information are travelled between switched services and multiple networks on route. We provide course completion certificate through our client company. Basics of networking, technologies used in l2/l3 protocol, application and transport layer protocol are the syllabus covered under this protocol testing.


This certification is to meet the requirements of DoD Directive. This course is particularly focusses on A+ certification exam which you can get knowledge on fundamentals of hardware and operating system. The principles of installation, maintenance, configuration and management on desktop are the portions covered under this certification course.

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